Life is one big cycle!

A never ending never beginning cycle of trails, tribulations and triumphs that lead us to each new moment.


It is also a means of transport. A way to get from one moment to the next, one town to the next and also the way we move ourselves around this planet. It is our form of travel, our daily commute and an all important part of our day.

We are avid and passionate cyclists. Big believers in the simplicity of the two wheeled steed. A couple of years ago we decided to transition to the bicycle as our main mode of transport. Yes it presented many challengers however it also presented many benefits and untold moments of bliss, joy and pain. However being passionate cyclists does not mean we dismiss other modes of transport, a car is a really useful and comfortable way to travel as is airline travel when needing to get somewhere quickly. We still own a motor vehicle and on a wet, hot and  humid North Queensland day it is a joy to travel in.


Through our use of the humble bicycle as our main mode of transport we developed an idea that is about to fruit. We felt as though life was a sleep, eat, work, repeat type scenario and wasn't really filling us with any great prolonged moments of joy. So we came up with our own version of the Daily Grind. How about we load our stuff on our bikes and ride this big country and attempt to find the real heart of Australia and its humanity. Yes you could do it quicker by car and plane, however you miss things when travelling at speed. And walking never really interested me after I read about Burke and Wills and their intrepid journey through Australia. By bicycle you see, hear and feel every kilometre. You become immersed in the land and the environment and its residents, human and animal.

So through the use of modern technology we are going to attempt to capture the humanity of this wide brown land. Not sure what it will bring, we are pretty certain that through it all we will be in many cycles. And it is those cycles that we will endeavour to represent to you, as uncut a version as is possible. And maybe we will find the utopia that we have all been searching for! Who knows, we sure as hell don't know what we are doing and maybe we never will know however we will always ask one question, "What else is Possible here?"