Didjital Pidjin

This is where we indulge a little. 

A pair of amateur cinematographers attempting to capture and share that moment on film.

A cheap arse action camera, a tripod of sorts and an iPhone and let us see what happens.

Stay tuned this could be fun and awe-full!

A little update on our videos page, due to the nature of our lives at the moment it will be some time before we manage to get a video uploaded. We have heaps of footage only no idea how to piece it together into a coherent video. Once we get to a place of sustained electricity and internet we will work feverishly to showcase a little of our lives in this format. Until then you are all going to have to be patient, unless of course you would like to connect with us and offer us some assistance in this department as that would be greatly appreciated. 

We have decided that we will share videos of importance to all whether it is related to our journey, our lives or that of humanity, if we feel that it is important or relevant it will be shared here. We have also started a Youtube channel with more info to come as we figure that platform out.

Cheers J & S

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Briefly Us

We are two beings who love life and living. We are here to be the change we wish to see in our world. Skip over to our About Us page for more info or better still subscribe and stay updated. 


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