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We are two beings who love life and living. We are here to be the change we wish to see in our world. Skip over to our About Us page for more info or better still subscribe and stay updated. 


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Who doesn't love food? Especially good food! 

When it comes to the fuel that energises us, food is the primary source of that energy. We both love food and both spend many hours of the day thinking about what we can create in our humble little roadside kitchen. So why not share with you all what it is that we eat and where we eat.

We are often asked what it is that we eat.

And everyone loves to label that style of eating. So heres a new label for you all to consume.

"Conscious Plant Based"

Mmmmm we hear you say! WTF does that mean?

Well we tried Vegan and it was way to restricting and quite militant in its style. And the moment you say your vegan you get to watch the other persons eyes roll round in their head and then look at you as if there is something wrong with you and that your from another planet...Maybe we are!!!

Both of us have been meat eaters for the majority of our lives however recently it didn't feel right. Taking the life of another living being to keep us alive didn't quite make sense. In order to live we need to consume the slain flesh of a once living creature sorta started to feel a bit sadistic.

And vegetarianism well it got confusing.

Recently on a flight we decided to pre select our meals for a bit of a laugh and the laugh was indeed on us as vegetarian meals can be a mine field of Oriental, Indian, Lacto/Ovo (WTF!!) and even Indian/Asian.

So we felt that we needed a new label.

"Conscious Plant Based"

Means we are conscious about the choices we make when it comes to food, and that first and foremost we will choose plants over animals. And when that isn't possible we will make a conscious choice based upon the situation we find ourselves in. Again we just made this up so we are figuring out what it means to us and if you follow us over time it may become really clear what that means to all of us.

As well as what we cook we will also share with you the amazing little gems of eateries that are spread over this land. From cafes to restaurants and maybe even a roadhouse or two if it tastes great we will add a link and a brief bio to share with you. As well as some of the best places to collect fresh food either by the side of the road or in a market. All in all our food will be gathered more than hunted and we will share that gathering and maybe a recipe or two.