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A Story that Needs to be Told

Stillness and reflection is where the answers to our questions reside
Space to Reflect and Be Still

This is a story that has been marinating for a long long time in my being. It has had many starts in the last 12 months and with all the crazy bullshit that has been propagated against us all I felt its time to release it out into the public domain. This story has had many incarnations that have ranged from calming calls to arms to enraged vitriol against the purported authorities. Never having gone further than my notebook. It never went further because I wasn’t comfortable sharing my inner voice and dialogue with others. It has been easier to allow it to rattle around in my head driving me in-sane without releasing it and proving beyond doubt that I have indeed lost my mind. However given the current state of play in the world I can no longer sit idly by without expressing my true self. To be truly in-sane is to connect with the inner sanity of my being. And if you feel this post is not your thing you can easily unsubscribe from our website. Because this is just the beginning my friends. This is not only a story about where we find ourselves now, its a bigger broader and much longer story of how we got here in the first place, or more to the point how I got here and who am I and why here, why now? Ive always had this deep seated fear that once I step out there is no turning back. Well fuck Fear this is that first step.

It is interesting to note that I write this almost 12 months to the day when we completed an amazing experience and a long held desire of mine, which might I add is only one step towards where I am really headed. It is also the equinox which is a natural balancing act of equal hours of sunlight and darkness for this time of the year. And within that small 12 month bandwidth of time so much has changed for me personally and for us all collectively. One thing to note is that change is inevitable, it is our evolutionary force that drives us to improve our reality. What isn’t so inevitable or perceptible is the collectives ability to adapt to that change. Change is an alchemical reaction, it either burns away the old in an instant inferno or it gently washes it away over long periods of time. What I perceive we have here is the gradual wearing down of our systems until the core has been exposed and then whoosh! it is exploding into an inferno right before our eyes to finish the job properly. I say burn baby burn.

That needn’t be a bad thing. Having spent a considerable amount of my life in nature observing it and pondering its mysteries. I thank my father for that love of nature as I believe its the one place he found solace and peace as I have that same feeling whenever I am in it. I have witnessed fire as an integral part of it’s growth cycle. Particularly the Australian bush, it needs fire to germinate new life. Not blazing infernos that destroy the whole ecosystem like we see regularly in this country- (due in part to mismanagement and also due to our not being connected with the natural world and believing we humans know better)-the gentler burn of the forest to release the dropped seeds and fertilise the ground. Sitting here this dry season in the top-end I have a new appreciation for the first nation people’s approach to fire. We humans have a fire inside us that burns and creates the reality we desire. And that is part of the problem, the fire of desire, when misdirected winds up putting us in the inferno of………..you insert your drama here. That, I feel is why we face the paradox of this moment in time and the gift that sits right here in front of us that we collectively asked for, whether it was conscious or not we asked for this moment in time. How we respond will be our legacy for future generations.

Let us go back to the word desire. What does it make you feel when you read it? Sit with it as it unveils something deeply hidden within your matrix. I have definitely felt it burning hot deep within my being, whether its sexual, (we all know where that can lead us) physical, emotional, spiritual or even the desire for more stuff. We all know that feeling, when we tap into it, it either leads us to create amazing moments or it drives us utterly insane, that’s the power of the fire within us. It either drives us to bigger, better, brighter or dives deeper, darker more depraved. Desire at its most primitive level is a desire to survive. We moved well beyond survival as a species long ago. Look around us there are millions of us on this planet, (bit like a virus)so survival has a big tick. However once our survival has been taken care of we then look around and want more. Thats the fire of desire. The Chinese call it “The Clinging Fire”. It pushes us externally to want more. We forget the whole and only want to satiate our own selfish desires. Add a power construct to that picture (politicians, CEO’s, police etc) and we have ourselves a deep dilemma. This is where our world sits right now. The power constructs and dynamics of the current world view is only concerned with the individual good not the collective good. I write about this because I acknowledge that I have been driven by that very desire, for what’s best for me and my lot bugger the collective. I feel we can all relate to it at some level.

The gorgeous hanging fire of our eternal sun and its gift of abundance
Hanging Fire

Desire is what propelled me to plan and ride my bike from Cairns to Darwin with Shell. Now I can’t say what Shell’s desire was because I’m not in her head-trust me that’s a deep dive right there- however for me it was to prove that I could do it. And an unhealthy desire for attention and approval. Pure and simple. Look at me! how awesome am I! It was an egoic construct as well as a long held desire to do something profound and escape the mundane for a while. I always had this vision of being a nomadic wanderer around the world. I was always fascinated by stories of our ancestors-both recent and ancient- who walked across deserts and plains to find their pot of gold. It is the story of the “Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. When in actual fact the pot of gold is right here inside us all. It takes is space to contemplate and find it. And believe me I found that and more along the way. My only desire was to show anyone and everyone what I am capable of, when in actual fact I only needed to show myself my own brilliance. I have always felt I have lived a life of compromise and mediocrity-again this is my internal feelings, not necessarily the outside image people see-and this was my chance to shine and showcase my style.

This is indeed the power dynamic of the modern world. It is why social media and the mainstream media is so powerful. Because it plays on our desires and shows us in pretty pictures and video’s the cultural ideal of what a purposeful and productive life looks like. It gives us FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It is an illusion, however we buy into it, hook line and sinker. Why? I feel it’s because we are disconnected from our true selves, our true inherent nature and our pure consciousness. We have outsourced our internal power to corp-orations (dead-speak), govern-ments (control-minds), religions (to bind fast) and any other external entity. We look to them for our salvation and what is there response? It’s easy to see when one has the space to observe and intuit what’s going on. Corp-orations only desire is to make money, no matter the harm caused, money is their source of power. Govern-ments only desire is to control the people or narrative to maintain “their order” and religions only desire is to have you follow their dogmatic beliefs and give over your power to them and their deity. Whereas mans desire is to “Do No Harm” a polar opposite to the systems of power we have created.

So when you combine all of them together you get the modern world and the current Plandemic. Having said that there is a gift in amongst the chaos, suppression and subjugation, they are showing us what they are made of and what their real desire “agenda” is. “Never interrupt your adversary when they are making a mistake”.What is needed to maintain the status quo is for us to be complicit and accept their rule of law. However ‘man cannot serve two master’s”! Who do you serve? Are you in service to yourself or in servitude the system? We were put on this planet to be of service to the greater whole of humanity and to evolve our species to greater heights. We are the god-head, the fountain head of all that is possible. Man created this whole system and Man can and WILL change it, that is our inherent power.

We are the ultimate creators. Within each of us resides a spark, a light an illuminessence of greatness and when we collectively spread our light out it illuminates the darkness for all to see. Light cannot exist without darkness. We are moving collectively out of the darkness. Someone walked into a dark room with a candle and suddenly we got a glimpse of what’s on offer. Then someone lit another candle and another and then another until the light showed all in the room what was going on. This is where we are now and once the light shines on an area of darkness it can’t be hidden any more. What is seen cannot be unseen at that point it’s time to take action. That is what drove me on this journey. I seen my darkness and there is no running from that. Well you can, humanity has been avoiding it for centuries, however at some point you have to stop, turn around and face it and transform that darkness into light. This is the point of acknowledgement, we now need to acknowledge our darkness and transform it to lightness.

Since we ended the ride last year our world shifted massively. Not just for us, it has shifted for every being on the planet. When we arrived in Darwin we had no idea what we were going to do. Our initial plan was to sit out a wet season and carry on westward or maybe southward who knows. I had an uneasy feeling about staying in Darwin. I wanted more of what we just did and I wanted it now. Shell insisted we needed to be here for a while, my plan was rest, recover and ride on in April. Well my desire kicked in again-anyone see a theme here? We needed resources so I applied for work, all the while resisting it. I flicked of a heap of emails to various places not really wanting the jobs. I have a commitment problem, however once I commit to something its on, hence a bike ride across the country.

I have had a deep fascination with our first nations people since I was a small child. I grew up with a lot of Ngoongar kids on Ngoongar country. Their culture has intrigued me, also the way they have been treated by our culture has disturbed me. So an opportunity arose on the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin. Beautiful! An isolated outpost of nature an original culture on the land with the added bonus of satiating another of my desires. Living with and among the first nations people. I was in and committed to the whole process whatever it looked like and however it panned out. Eleven months later through a crazy Plandemic we’re still here and the awarenesses of the issues our world faces are no different here than anywhere else on this planet. Humanity has a big problem, we also have the big answers. We have to realise though that the answers cannot come from the same level of thinking that created them, they have to come from somewhere else and our past shows us the way forward although we have to acknowledge the damage our past has done before we can move forward.

We are a species with amnesia. I feel its selected amnesia at times. We refuse to look to our past for answers to current issues. Why? As an example modern medicine discounts the ancient wisdom even though its very foundations are built upon that wisdom. We are all part of a greater whole and we stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors as our future rests upon our shoulders. Everything is impermanent. We are a fleeting moment of evolution and that evolution stands on the shoulders of the past. Within each and every one of us are strands of DNA that have stored memory of all that has come before and the potential to store memory for all that will come to bear in the future. It is our true gift. So it stands to reason that we look to the past to see the way forward. Yes, our past isn’t pretty. We have done things to civilisations that are pretty bloody ugly, however we can’t sit here and continue to propagate the victim mentality. Otherwise we will end up with the same thing going around and around until we no longer evolve and we devolve and vanish forever. Acknowledge the uncomfortableness, sit with it allow it to purge through you, all the ugliness and the beauty and forgive those that came before us. They were doing what they believe to be the right thing according to their cultural values at the time. And there in lies the problem at the heart of it all. What does our culture desire?

I love museums. I get so many deep awarenesses and ahaha moments in them. I have to thank my mum for that inquisitive nature and for the love of our past. Two instances of museums stand out above all. And they have happened in the last 12 months one was in Borroloola and the other here in Wurrumiyanga. It shows the level of consciousness of the times and is also a great measuring stick for where we find ourselves right now. In Borroloola what caught my attention was they way the British settled the place. They sailed up the MacArthur river and stopped by the shore where present day Borroloola stands. They got out of their boats while the tribal groups stood round watching them. They then proclaimed that the land now belonged to the King of England and then held an auction of land lots. WTF is that!! The pure arrogance and egocentric power these people had in front of an occupying people. And we wonder why we have so many problems with society these days. Again this was the cultural paradigm of the British Empire. We only recognise white not black. Looked at a different way they couldn’t see the gift in the darkness and the unknown ways of the tribes they thought and still do think that white is supreme and everyone else are just savages. What an ideology, that still persists to this day because we refuse as a society to discuss or even acknowledge the hard problems and the root cause of our problems. That is the story of government/colonialism, there is no care for the people only its own power base and it is enshrined in all governmental structures across the whole world. It is the basis for the current world and all its problems.

The second museum awakening involves religion and its dogmatic beliefs. I have always had a problem with organised religion. Thankfully my parents never forced it upon me, whatever their reasons I am grateful for that. It never made sense to me and still doesn’t. I have read the bible and looked into the Koran as well as the texts of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and the list goes on. What surprises me is how similar they are yet how much they each defend their belief/dogma/ideology as the only right way and all others are somehow wrong. Yet within those texts are the template for the ascension of man through communing with his source consciousness. Anyway I digress. The Tiwi Islands until 1911 were a sovereign people without any form of outside governance. They lived in harmony with their environment in a traditional tribal way which they had done for eons. Then one day a well meaning Priest (cannoned by the pope in Rome)turned up and decided that the local people lived in squalid conditions-obviously from his perspective- and that the people here could be trained and put to work to make them a valuable commodity in the world. Now since when are people a commodity? So he wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of the Territory saying exactly that and the church was granted land access. Pretty much the same way they did it in Borroloola except it was religion not government and there was no auction it was handed to them. They did this until the 1970’s when the church walked out and handed it to the government, same thing different clothes. What I see now is a culture diminishing. Traditional ways eroded almost lost altogether. Elders let down by the promises of the past delivering no real net benefit to their people now nor looking like ever delivering anything other than the status quo. Thats because neither religion or government care about the people. It’s up to people to care for people, these systems of power are incapable of caring because they serve another master. The same way Man can’t serve two Masters. Not saying the people who came here were bad. They were well meaning and wanting the best for people however, eradicating their beliefs for another doesn’t lead to better. If it was collaboratively shared and incorporated to form one cohesive unit it would work, but to supplant one ideology for another is abuse.

And in less than 90 years I sit amongst a crumbling culture that has no direction, isn’t able to empower itself because it has picked up all the unsavoury pieces of western culture. It had no choice as it was what was forced onto them the same way it is fed to our children through the education system. Thats how culture works and its what’s being perpetrated against us all now by an elite Socialist agenda. I came here from a desire to understand our past and to see if the answer to my life’s questions lay amongst an ancient culture and what I see is the same corruption, the same power struggles and inequality that pervades all structures on this planet. It’s the same problem dressed in a different shirt, speaking a different tongue with a different skin tone. Thats the nature of trying to solve a problem from the same level that created it. Now I’m not saying everybody is like that here or across the planet. I have met some amazing people who can see the problems society as a whole has and I have been blessed to be surrounded by truly amazing gems and exposed to the natural beauty of the planet. However we have a problem here and we refuse to acknowledge it. We cut down anyone who speaks in opposition to the narrative. We attack and discredit anyone with a differing point of view. Why? Because we are afraid of our own inherent magnificence. Fear is where all of humanities issues lie. And when you transcend fear the system can’t reach you. You operate in another realm, you step outside the shadow and become the gift and begin to live out your genius. And isn’t that why we are here?

Honours my physical being as a chalice overflowing with the purity of innocence
This Sacred Day my Communion with the Element of Water

Fear contracts us! Love expands us!! Think about those two statements for a moment. Everything a corp-oration or govern-ment offers us is a contract. Fear based. When we contract we tighten and stiffen, we step out of flow. When we expand we draw in more of the potential of life. It opens us up to what is possible. It flows over us like water and touches every part of our being. It can wash us away like a torrent of exquisite rapture down the venerable river of love. Water is soft and supple it floods our bodies with a cocktail of chemicals that causes you stop thinking and just be in the moment, however when a boulder stays firm in a river the water will wear it down, softness will always overcome stiffness or rigidity. It is only a matter of when not if and that is what life does. If we remain stiff and rigid we miss the flow of life and eventually we wear down. It is better to go with the flow than against it and allow it drift us to blissful harmony. Love is the divine essence of humanity it is our immortal presence that continues on long after we have left this physical realm.

This year has been challenging for many reasons. There is the obvious Plandemic and all the bullshit, lies and hysteria that has surrounded it. I’m not going to elaborate on it as I don’t feel it needs any more of my energy. Energy flows where attention goes, just like water. And if you want to change the world, shift your focus and energy and see it manifest right before your very eyes. I feel super blessed and grateful that I get to be here now. This is a time of great change and we are the architects of this change. What sort of world do we want to leave for our great grandchildren? Because that’s what we face everyday with our choices. If we all stopped engaging with the system it would collapse overnight. The minuscule numbers of people that control the world systems are outnumbered by us the people, so why do they exert so much power and influence over us? Because we have allowed it! We have outsourced our power and it is time to reclaim our inherent rights in ourselves. Turn that primal desire into something that brings about the end of suffering for all. To do that we must end our own suffering. Suffering is not the problem its our reaction to it that is. It is not about what we do, it is about who we are that matters. Who are you really? Not the external you, the internal beingness or the essence of you. The one you hide from the world and from yourself. Acknowledge those dark aspects of yourself because they are mirrored in the external reality we see. Accept that we are infinite expressions of primordial awareness and accept that is an overwhelming concept, however don’t limit ourselves, there are corp-orations and govern-ments for that. Thats their domain not ours.

Humanity is currently in the “grip of fear” what does that mean? Well we are holding onto fear because this reality with all its cultural entrainments and social contracts is based upon fear. It is easier to control humanity with fear. Make them afraid of losing this or that and you can then dictate the terms on which their safety is provided also known as the problem, reaction, solution. The problem is created which guarantees a reaction and then the solution is implemented because we little humans have no way to fix it ourselves we must rely on an outside authority to help us. In actual fact we are the solution to all our problems because all these fears and problems we see in the world are only a mirror of what is going on inside ourselves.

The deepest fear humans have is the fear of annihilation. It runs counter to our deepest desire of survival. The annihilation of the self is an ego centric belief created by the mind because the ego is a construct of the mind. It is a powerful illusion. All terrestrial life on this planet goes through the cycle of birth and death however only the egocentric mind sees death as the end of the road. Sit in a forest for long enough and you see life sprouting from death. Gardens grow best with layers of fertiliser and compost, what is compost it is the decaying remnants of life releasing their light to produce new growth. It is all one big cycle and what we humans fear the most is the unknown.That is why the purported authorities have been so successful in literally placing the planet under house arrest. They have played upon our fear of death and the unknown. A tiny unseen virus could kill us all so we better hide ourselves away. It is an irrational fear of death that has allowed this to unfold the way it has. But what is death really?

It is a transformation from one life cycle to another. We are boundless energy bubbling along inside a meat wagon of matter. Our bodies are not ours they are made up of billions of individuated cells of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and all the elements of the periodic table that work collectively to move this little meat wagon around. Without all those things what would we be, we wouldn’t be here because each element builds upon the shoulders of the previous lineage to create the being that writes this essay. I have created my own offspring that have come from the previous ancestral lineage and built upon that which in turn have created their own offspring that have built upon that and so on it goes. We are but a mere temporary blip on the evolutionary radar and we need to acknowledge and accept that reality. Once we do the whole world opens up before us and delivers its abundant potential before we depart stage left for our next adventure.

Yes the world looks dark and the world has many issues and agendas playing out, however none of them need come to bear fruit. We get to collectively choose what fruits and what doesn’t. A dragonfly spends its first years living in the water. It knows nothing of its future destiny until one day it crawls out of the watery world it has only known and clings to the stalk of a plant until it goes through a metamorphosis into the flying being it was always destined to become. We don’t know what our destiny is however we need to let go of the current failing systems and know that we are transforming ourselves and the world for something far far greater than what we are experiencing now. We need to reclaim our trust in ourselves. The physical world is one of illusions, it has been created by man and reinforced by our minds. Do you think the dragonfly thinks what it is doing is wrong? No it follows its intuition. Individuality is an optical illusion created by the mind. If we let go of the mind and sit within our core, our heart, our sacral we know what is truth and what isn’t.

Now with all my scepticism of religion and its organised structure there are people within that institution that have a quality beyond words and lead by their example not by the doctrines in the books. And one such lady here on the island epitomises that faith and spirit. She has been on the island since 1953 and last week there was little celebration at the local volunteer run cafe. Her name is Sister Anne and her words rung through my being like a bell. And although these aren’t her words to a tee they are pretty close. She basically said “We are all connected through the gene pool of humanity and what I do to one I do to another”. Let that sit for a while and sink in. We are here to remember who we truly are and to express that unconditionally into its fullest expression of our true self to all we come into contact with. Whether they are good bad or pure evil it does not matter. How we treat them is how we treat all, also how we treat ourselves is how we treat others. Doesn’t make me want to go to church, however it shows me that within each structure of society are people who have love and faith in their hearts. The system maybe broken, the people in it are not.

“Within the shadows of our life are the manifestations of the man made material world, which we have been indoctrinated into believing holds all our answers and as humans it is all we are told that we can ever hope for”. I don’t subscribe to hope and as far as I am concerned the current agenda is a shit show that I will have no part of. I don’t accept that paradigm anymore and nor should you. We have at our disposal the power to change the world for the better, so what are we waiting for? It is what I am here for. I know that my work on this physical plane is to shift how people feel about themselves. It has taken me a long time to figure that out. If you feel better about yourself you will shine a little brighter. Your light will radiate out into the world and in turn your light will shine upon another and the ripple effect continues. Thats how we bring about change. When we all glow radiantly with our light, darkness can’t penetrate us, it can tap us on the shoulder but it can’t enter unless we give it permission. I don’t profess to have all the answers, all I am attempting to be is an example of what’s possible when we release our self imposed limitations. It is up to you to drink from the cup and discover for yourself what ignites the fire and passion within you. How do I do that? By being the exquisite unique version of myself that I can BE! How you do it is up to you.

We will never get to fully express ourselves if we hang on or live in the “grip of Fear”. In order to live the fullest expression of our potential we need to let go of the preconceived notions of who we think we are and fall into the abyss, knowing that all we need is right here right now in this very moment. We have a duty to reclaim the birthright of our purpose rather than squander it through compromise and mediocrity. Look to our past, acknowledge our inadequacies and failings, take what’s worked and build upon it. Throw out what doesn’t work or what no longer serves us no matter how chaotic it feels. And allow source to flow through you and create the magic and awe-filled world that is our inherent birth right. This is not the end of the story, it is only the beginning and it contains my-story improved by acknowledging his-story to create our collective story. And with that I end it by asking “What else is Possible?”

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