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Procrastinating & Launching into Life

View from our tent in Adelaide River NT
Launching into the future

This moment has been a long time coming and procrastinating has played a significant role. Amazing that when you put things off for so long more and more stuff piles up on your plate and then there are a multitude of reasons why none of it can be done. We are all pretty good at avoiding and delaying all that we need to do and quick to find things that aren't needed however they seem more fun and distracting at the time. And so it is with this first post. We have been discussing and debating how this first post would look sound and feel for some time and quite frankly getting nowhere. So I decided to just jump in and write what comes out. As I feel the only perfect moment to launch something new and exciting is now. Not waiting for the perfect moment as the perfect moment is now, the next isn't guaranteed.

So after many years of planning and shifting and shuffling ideas we are at the launch phase of our next chapter. And we have decided that we would share that journey with you the reader, whoever you are. Some of you we know and some of you we don't, however here's hoping we get to know you all over time. What we will do here is give a brief overview of what we are about to embark upon and the process it took to get to this point, and over time we will fill in all those blanks. And if you want to know more connect with us through the site and we will endeavour to cover those blanks.

Ten years ago we had a bit of a vision to travel. At the time it was by car with a camper trailer and get to as many remote places as possible. We both revel in minimalist camping in out of the way places away from the hum of cities, towns and people. Over time that vision has changed significantly as have we. Due in part to many confluences, choices and people who crossed our path and opened up other ideas. So we minimised it down to bicycles and light weight camping equipment. Still going to all those really remote places however doing it slower and less impactful on our environment, also much cheaper. More challenging Yes! as well as more rewarding in the chance to really get in sync with our bodies and our natural environment with the main question being "What Else Is Possible?"

So as I sit and write this we are literally one month from setting out on a new way of life and living, not as passengers or bystanders, as actual participants and creators of our reality. And that is a reality that few sea or get a chance to inhabit. There are many reasons for this and the main one is choice and choices, over time we will cover that as it is a large subject and one that is close to us both. We have collected nearly all the components to set off on the road. A few items are still on their way to us and some items, we aren't even aware of we need! will come to us at the point they are needed. However the main stuff is in place and all we need to do is put it together and ride away.

As we are newbies to the whole world of blogging and website design you may see many weird and wonderful things come and go on our site. We have sort of set it up to follow three main themes. Cycle, Food, Bliss coupled with photos and video content and who knows what. We will guarantee that it will be whatever we want or need to rant about or get across to you our audience, or of our chest. We have a message and a story to tell, as most people do, and no one story is less or more important than another its only different and thats where we sit. We do shit differently, again we will elaborate over time the what, why and how as we feel necessary. So over time we will develop upon these themes and add more content, the speed at which this happens will be dictated by the access to internet and whether sitting by a river meditating on life and connecting to ourselves is a more beneficial use of our time or updating this space. Is meditating by a river procrastinating? I guess we will find out.

One very important member of our little family that doesn't have a voice or human vocabulary is our beautiful furry partner "Jazz". You never know she might wind up with her own space on this website. Those who know us know the bond we share with her and the place she holds in our life. She is a border collie cross kelpie, 9 years young and loves to run. Well we couldn't undertake this without her, it didn't even come into the equation. So she has her own purpose built trailer/home and she will be a constant companion to us and you. We want to share the world from her perspective as living with a couple of crazies like us, because some days she looks at us with those big eyes saying "what the fuck are we doing now?" and really we don't blame her because we feel that way all the time. Below is a photo of the Jazz mobile fresh off the production line.

The Jazz Mobile

So thats it for our first foray of information sharing on this space. If you do like what you seen and read so far and what we may potentially do there is a subscribe button. Click on it add some info and when we post some new content you will get a funky email to inform you to come on over and be entertained, informed and get your consciousness updated or downgraded depending on your viewpoint and where you sit with your consciousness. Stay tuned this I guarantee will be entertaining and enlightening for us and you.

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