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The Monsoon Weaves Its Magic

This is a story of two lovers and the string of events that transpired one October afternoon. The truth lies within these pages as there is truth all around us!

The Duke of Litchfield
The Monsoon rolling in over a magic landscape

The dry season had broken and it broke in a fury of wind and pelting rain. In its place the hot air had given way to a thick humid afternoon. The first rains after many months of dry, draws life out of the depths of its long hot slumber. The ground comes to life as the first rains signal nature to bring forth new life, it heralds a time of building amongst the natural world. It was a deluge so hard that creeks formed where driveways and dirt roads had once been. Water pooled behind rocks spilling forth onto the next level, always flowing towards a lower point. So much water so fast that the ground could not absorb it, It’s hard baked surface from the months of dry heat unable to absorb or contain the contents that were tipped from the sky. It ebbed and flowed across the parched hard ground seeping into cracks and pooling behind clumps of dead grass and leaves always trying to flow to lower ground, always moving never staying stationary. Thunder and lightning cracked overhead with a clap so loud and deep that for a split second the world stopped to hear the brief silence left in the void of the sudden release of immense energy.

Two lovers and their loyal dog sat by the dam oblivious to the commotion around them and of what lay ahead. By the time the dark skies had opened up and released its watery contents they were soaked to the bone and the water was ankle deep around them, whilst more was flying into them horizontally with ferocious speed stinging their skin. The wind was howling so hard with sheets of water that their vision was distorted. Their loyal dog was anxious and pacing around encouraging them to get to the safety of shelter. The two lovers were laughing and frolicking in the watery chaos surrounding them. Finally they had their monsoon moment. By the time they had reached the homestead their loyal dog had run inside the open back door and huddled in the darkened corner of the kitchen. Terrified of the raging thunderous rapture that swirled around the fringes of the homestead.

Whilst the two lovers continued to frolic and play in the torrential storm. Laughing at what nature was releasing upon them and allowing the water to wash away the past tensions of the day. One of them laid in a bath laughing hysterically as it felt like the bath was being tossed around and washed away in a raging swollen river that had burst its illusionary banks. As the other came to his aid the bath capsized sending its occupant into the muddy water. They both lay down there in the sloppy muddy mess that was once a driveway looking up toward the sky where all that water was coming from. Watching the clouds swirling and contorting whilst still releasing its contents as if large buckets were being tipped out onto the earth below. At that point a flock of white Corella’s flew overhead in the direction of the storm. Their drenched white feathers and Sulphur coloured crest shining brightly against the dark brooding sky beyond. They appeared to know what they were doing, screeching loudly as they flew straight into the storm. Their screeching was saying to the lovers “Don’t run from the storm, step into it, laugh at it and play with it” And with that the two lovers laid face down into the warmth of mother earth with the cold lashing wind and rain caressing their bare backs. It was here they both laid and breathed whilst the chaos of the storm slowly subsided.

The Corella tree with a monsoon backdrop

They had felt as though they had passed through a portal into a surreal fluid world that only an hour previous was baked dry and hard under an intense Top End sun. Now as they lay there the world had shifted and was being seen through a different lens. It had a luminosity and light that they had never seen, one that they had never really seen and vivid colours sprang from all points and in all directions. All around them sprang life, light and colour, it was in everything and everything was in them. After a while they stopped blowing bubbles in the water and they looked at each other covered from head to toe in mud, grass and wringing wet, they laughed hysterically at what they were witnessing and whilst they laughed the world laughed back at them as hard and as loud. The deluge had turned their world into a fluid ever changing and flowing space where nothing was as it seemed. As they sat there they noticed a large pool and without a word they jumped up ran over and dived in.

Suddenly they felt like dolphins twisting and turning in a silent world away from the thunderous easing storm above the surface. It felt warm on their skin and their bodies felt light, released from the hold of gravity they had felt whilst pinned to the soaking ground. As they swam around the large body of water they noticed that not only was the water moving in a rolling motion the ground around the pool was too. Everything was moving and fluid like gentle waves in the bay. At this point the storm had ceased its fury. There was still a gentle rumbling and grumbling of thunder across the darkened sky and light trickles of misty rain passed over them. They beached themselves on the edge of the pool like whales do on a beach and then crawled to the edge of the porch. Here they dried themselves off with towels provided by the pool attendant that had suddenly appeared. When he advised them a change of clothes would be required and pointed them in the direction of a door.

They approached the door and then crept slowly inside the darkened homestead in search of fresh clothes. They found Grandma in the corner sleeping. They quietly crept past her as to not wake her for she gets anxious after storms and doesn’t like to be woken from her afternoon nap. They found a pile of clothes in a spare room and rummaged through it to find something suitable for their journey. They decided to dress each other with suitable attire. Looking rather motley and wearing the clothes that each had picked for the other, they laughed hard and hysterically at how they looked. It was as though they were reflecting to the other how they see themselves. Still laughing and bumbling around in this strange space they eventually made their way outside to sit and ponder their next move.

The two lovers were sitting there laughing hysterically at everything around them until neither of them could breathe and they had to remind one and other to breathe. A drink was ordered from the bar that had magically appeared beside them and they were both served the finest water in a vessel by an attractive half man, half woman pixie. As each attempted to drink from the vessel the water wasn’t able to go into their mouths due to the laughter and wonderment at where the pixie came from and how slippery and strange the water was. They gave up on the vessel and decided a walk was in order. The flooding river had subsided and beyond the dam lay a forest that held an answer they had long searched for. With that they put down the strange vessels and wandered off towards the first gate, they bade farewell to the bar pixie, who was polishing other vessels with a beach towel.

Before they got to the first gate they had to pass the amphibian guards of the cane toad brigade. They littered the ground in search of food and new lands to conquer. The woman was quite startled by these strange ugly creatures. As they passed the first guards they noticed their colours and skin morphed with each breathe they drew in. Their colours shifted with the environment as the light ebbed and flowed across their hideous skin. They were indeed an ugly creature not of this land. An invading army that had no known predator. Their poison sacks sweating and releasing a toxic potion that made all who touched them sick with death. The two lovers crept quietly pass them by, wondering to themselves how and why they had been able to colonise this land and what this land would look like without them. What other hideous predator would take its place? They eventually made it to the locked gate. They stood for a while working out how to open it and pondered what lay beyond in this mysterious caged landscape. They somehow managed to open the gate in unison.

As they passed through the gate together their loyal anxious dog joined them and ran off in front of them. She took her role seriously and she was going to defend them and ensure they were kept safe on this journey they had begun. Who knows what danger lurks beyond the dam in the forest down yonder. Either way she would be there for them even if they didn't feel as though they needed her, it is after all why she was here with them. As they gently walked they both noticed beneath their feet the earth was moving and full of life. Creatures of all sizes were busily moving around beneath them. It was indeed hard to walk without stepping on a living being going about its daily life. The heavy rain and storm had generated a mass of activity on the ground and in the air and all these creatures were ensuring they were preparing for the long wet that was approaching. This storm was a precursor and a natural indicator for them all to be ready for the long wet season.

New shoots of fluorescent greens sprang from the moistened ground and the sky was filled with glorious birdsong as the parrots, cockatoos, kookaburras and lorikeets of all colours were flying about were collecting bugs and insects that had flown from their nests to escape the raging torrent to build and settle in new lands. Everything around them was alive. The ground, sky and air was infused with life being life, epitomising the natural life cycles and rhythms this land flows to. An invisible hand that gives off subtle cues that then kick starts another growth cycle. As they walked along mesmerised they could feel the subtle energy humming around them and throbbing through their bare feet. They felt alive and grateful that they were bearing witness to life and its splendid glory unfolding all around them and within them.

The Poinciana flowering after the Storm
Blooming life in full colour

They came to another fence, a rusty dilapidated fence. There was a gate however neither had a key to unlock it so they managed to scramble through the tumbling mess of rusty steel. It was at this point a thumping whumping sound filled the air. It was not anything they had ever heard before. It was not thunder or rain, a whump, whump, whump, whump sound filled the air. What to do? Where to go? As they looked around the area was bare and barren almost devoid of any cover. Still the whump, whump, whump, whump sound was coming closer. They both started to feel a little edgy. The woman pointed toward the sky “LOOK” she screamed as they both looked skyward stunned at what they seen. A white flying machine zoomed low and loud over their heads. They both froze in their tracks and looked at each other and laughed loudly and waved at the beast. Both suddenly realising it posed no threat to them. It was a mechanical bird that had lost its way during the storm. Against the darkened sky it looked so out of place and flying away from the storm. Scared, this mechanical beast was fleeing for safety unlike the white Corella’s whose brave nature took them straight into the void of the storm. Man and his machine is no match for the strength, courage and beauty of nature. As the noise of the flying machine passed them by and again nature filled the air with her tunes. The two lovers stopped laughing briefly. So far they had laughed off all that had come before them, it seemed to them both that laughter brings light to life and in turn fills life full of light.

As they turned to walk together toward the forest beyond the dam they felt it necessary to discuss what would happen should they seperate and follow their own path into the forest. “Never fear” they said to each other, we only need to feel in our heart where the other is and we shall always be together even when we are miles apart. They walked for some time in silence slowly drawing in all they could sense. They both felt euphoric in this moment and full of life in a kind of ecstasis feeling. “Life is for living and living is for life”. As they approached the dam from behind they paused briefly looking into each others eyes and slowly walked their own seperate ways. Going into the forest will be a journey that they must do on their own. The forest holds answers to their questions and as such each must make this journey into the unknown by their own accord, so that their answer is given to them and them alone. Both know they have the tools and strength to tackle this journey and in time they can share their experience with each other and the wider world.

The man pauses and watches his furry, loyal companion he can sense the anxiety she feels. He squats down to her level to see what bothers her. It is at this point he see’s her world. At this low level so much more is happening. He crawls around on the ground to comprehend and make some sense of her environment. He never really knew this world existed, there are bugs and all manners of beings jumping this way and that. There are sounds he has never heard and smells he has never smelt. He stays for a while drawing it all in before she comes to settle by his side. She is drenched from head to toe with muddy feet and has that musky dog smell that takes him back to his childhood. When he remembers the dogs on the farm always had that smell. They lived permanently outdoors and as such they smelt earthy and real and were always excited to see him and to have company. She licks his face and he feels her raspy tongue pull at his skin and he wonders what layers of his face she has just removed. He touches his face only to realise it is still intact. He pats her and reassures her all is ok and that he know understands why she can be so manic as he sees that her world is full of life and distractions. He quietly tells her that he will be ok and if he needs her help he will call upon her and until then she is to stay at the edge of the forest until his journey is complete. She nods in agreement and licks his face again. Unsure if his face is still there and intact he stands slowly and walks to the edge of the forest.

A rainbow illuminating the path into the forrest

Two steps later and he is in another world. As he crossed into this world he felt himself be swallowed whole by the forest. He turned around and could not see where he entered. He paused, breathed deeply and allowed his senses to adjust to the scene before him. Which way to go? he quietly asked himself. There appeared many paths before him, which one he thought? A quiet voice whispered back, “Pick yours, there is only your path you can’t pick wrong”. This voice sounded familiar and loving almost like himself. As he stepped forward he felt the ground sway and move, with each step forward the ground rolled like a gentle wave. It was as if the ground was fluid or floating on water. Lots of little pathways criss-crossed in front of him and crooked trees bent over like archways, still he stepped deeper and deeper into this strange looking land observing all he saw, heard, smelt, felt and tasted breathing it all into his being and absorbing more than his senses could take in. Flashes of light crossed the sky and wherever he turned different lights and hues flashed and flowed around him.

He came across an open grassy site where all the long grass had laid over to create little hollows. As he paused to view them a flurry of movement startled him as hundreds of birds flew from the ground all around him, toward him from these hollows. The start made him tumble backwards as he landed on the soft hollow ground. He looked around where he lay and realised there were nests everywhere he turned. Again at the ground level the world takes on a very different sight. He sat in silence observing and feeling the energy of this unique world. In all points he turned was life and that life looked back at him. The ground beneath him was moving and crawling with life and all around the forest chattered away. It was a living, breathing being and he felt as if he was being swallowed by it all. As he breathed deeply with the land it moved in time to his breathe and moved in time to his moves it felt amazing to be a part of, a whole part of it all. Words did not come to him and nor were they needed. His language was insufficient to convey what his senses were showing him, he realised it was time for silence and to bear witness to the living fullness of this world. After drinking all this in and more he noticed a golden hue off in the distance. Something was drawing him deeper into the forest and closer to this golden light.

The deeper he looked into the forest the more golden light shone all around him. He was not sure if this light was coming to him or emanating from him. Everywhere he turned was this light. It didn’t matter where it was coming from he knew he needed to be with it and he wanted to see for himself what it was. He stood slowly and uneasily to his feet and bade farewell to the bird tribe and gave his heartfelt gratitude for the experience they shared with him and then moved on slowly toward the golden glowing light. As he drew closer to where the light appeared to be emanating from he noticed all the trees were glowing gold in colour. All the birds, insects and all living beings were sitting quietly looking toward him. He stopped and looked at himself wondering whether the light was coming from him. What he seen was rays of golden light passing through his body toward all the animals. He turned slowly around in the direction he had come and there in the sky sat the bright golden orb of light. Peering through the darkened cloudy sky just above the horizon sat the most amazing sight and it was igniting and gaining the attention of all living beings around him. He stood awestruck and everything stood still even the ground stopped moving. As he gazed upon the golden orb he felt and allowed its loving rays to pass through his being. It was truly a sight and moment to behold as he stood with all other life in stunned awed silence, grateful for the golden orb and its gift of light.

As he stood there he could feel every cell in his body ignite into life, vibrating and buzzing around. He wasn’t moving although as he looked at his body where the light touched it, it was morphing and shifting with luminescent light, he was glowing. He felt alive, truly alive for the first time. As he stood there he heard that familiar voice again mention the words “I am the light, I hold the light, the light is with me always”. WOW!! There it was! And with that he recanted those words out loud, as he did he felt the love of the golden orb wash over him, he felt safe, from here on nothing could harm him, No-thing! He realised that he was an emissary of light and as such no amount of darkness could harm him or hold fear for him. Light is where the truth lies in all being. He sat down to revel in this glorious truthful awakening. As he breathed and rejoiced in this awareness the world around him glittered, sparkled and danced in blinding colours of light. The sky was a spectacle of golden hues constantly shifting and coalescing into an amazing light show against a backdrop of dark brooding clouds of further storms to come. The world all around him was a rollercoaster of life as each breathe he drew in, it pulsed up and as he exhaled it rolled away like a gentle ocean rolling in and out of a wide bay constantly moving.

Sunset after the monsoon downpour
Golden rays of a Top End sunset

It was at this point he noticed movement beneath his body and below him the grass was writhing with bugs and insects and all manner of creatures moving about. He knelt down and clawed his hands deeper into the layers of grass and earth and as he uncovered each layer there was ever more life and movement the deeper he clawed at the earth the more life he discovered until he noticed something very strange. The ground was indeed hollow and there were little tunnels and tubes just under the surface. Beneath the crust of the ground he stood on lie a hidden network a whole other world. He paused to take all this in and when he looked around he noticed small towers made of mud and grass surrounding him. He begun crawling around tapping the ground and getting up close and personal to these towers. At this point his realisation was that the network beneath his feet and beneath the surface was where the answers lay. As he crawled around on the damp ground more towers and hollow ground began appearing. It appears his first conclusion that the ground he was on was hollow and fluid appeared to be correct. He was standing in swamp land, dry after a long dry season waiting to be filled again with water, although he had a feeling there was more to it than what his eyes were showing. As he moved around this space he noticed off in the distant a monstrous towering structure of mud and all these smaller towers and tunnels led directly to this large structure. He started to walk slowly toward it. This large tower was like a master controller of the land and it administered and regulated its control through this vast underground network he was standing on. It stood proudly in an open paddock and glistened against the fading light of the setting sun and its covering of fresh rain. It was the Duke of Litchfield.

As he picked his way through the forest towards the Duke it became darker, thicker and constantly changing. He could hear the cackling laughter of a woman in the distant although he could not see her this laughter was coming from all directions and all around him, it was enveloping him and lighting up his senses. Out of the corner of his eye a black and white flash bounded out of the long grass like a giant furry rabbit. And before he knew what was happening he was greeted by the grinning, tail wagging, face licking loyal dog. And the woman's laughter he could hear was that of his lover, she was just off to his left laying in the grass laughing away at the world she found herself in. He wondered what she was laughing so hard and loud about.

The woman walked around looking at the landscape, feeling in total awe of the world around her. She sat down carefully to ensure she did not sit on any fellow beings, and as she did she noticed how soft and comforting the earth was. The faithful dog was panting hard and walking to and fro in a heightened state. The woman could feel her anxiety and her faithful companion suffering. No matter she thought, let's breath together. As she sat and closed her eyes she focused on taking deep slow breath’s. As the woman opened her eyes she saw she was breathing with everything around her and it was all flowing and full of light. The dog was now sitting beside her and was much more relaxed than earlier. The woman looked up and noticed the bush in front of her. There was a dark section with burnt out trees that was beaconing her to visit. She could feel resistance inside and asked, Why? A small child like voiced replied “I’m scared”. I know said the woman. I am with you though as is our trusty loyal hound. We won’t allow anything to happen to you, you are braver than you think. Hold my hand she said, and with that they started walking towards the dark bush. There was some rustling and crashing heard in the bush in front of them and the dog ran off to investigate, the girl stopped and the woman reassured and calmed the girl. On top of the dam wall to their left was a large Wallaby and once again the woman heard the dog bounding off through the long grass.

Against a golden backdrop
Golden calm amongst the forrest

The girl then pointed off in the distant “look at how beautiful that is” she said. The woman turned to see the golden pink source of beauty. It was warm and magnetising to witness and the woman knelt down and stared into the vastness of light emanating from the source. As she stared at it she felt safe and total love all pulsed through her being. As she shifted her focus to the clouds around the golden orb she noticed how soft and fluffy they appeared and how the shapes shifted and morphed into different creatures. They were all friendly and smiled back at her. The woman then realised that she could go into the bush without fear as she was surrounded by love. She turned and walked into the bush picking her path feeling how soft and inviting the ground was. She sat amongst the tall grass and blackened trees then as she lay down she watched the bush come to life all around her. Insects walked over her legs and spoke in tongue. She sat in silence observing the beautiful world around her as the ground enveloped her with warmth and love. As the woman lay there she felt herself become one with the earth, breathing together living as one with each other. The woman had never felt such comfort or joy. As she lay there basking in the glory all around her, her attention was drawn away from her thoughts as a group of skinny dark trees began to dance in front of her. She chuckled loudly as their big full rounded breasts bounced around. The woman was startled to hear her lover laughing close by. This made her smile and laugh harder and louder. Was he here with her and had he seen what she did? The woman then sat up and thanked the trees for making her smile she then gave a little curtsy and walked off to find her lover.

As the three of them came together amongst a grove of Sheok trees in the fading light they rested upon the soft needles and shared their stories of their journey into the forest and what it was they got answers to as well as the many awarenesses they received whilst engaging with nature so deeply. As they gazed into each others eyes they realised that they were in fact a reflection of each other. Each was showing the other the opposite side of their personalities. The masculine and feminine reflections of the other. It was a powerful moment for them both and one that was not lost on either of them. They both realised they are one and the same, as one with themselves as they were with each other and all that their environment was at one with them. They sat to ponder this in a long silence and they shared their experience of the light from the golden orb and how it appeared to be emanating from within them. At that time as their light joined and started to illuminate the sacred space they were sharing the howling of wild dogs in the distant bought their attention to the hazards of a dark forest. Even with their light the wild dogs were not to be encountered. So quietly they stood up, disentangling themselves from each other and together they stepped out of the forest. Their loyal dog was so happy to be out of the forest she ran off ahead in the direction of the homestead.

The two lovers weren't done though, as they were drawn to a tall presence off in the distance. As they approached this monstrous tall presence they could feel its energy pulsing through the air and in the ground under their bare feet and all around its massive natural structure. It had some magnetic field emanating from all around it and as they approached it with great respect and reverence a flash of lightning lit the night sky above it. It was the Duke of Litchfield! A towering termite mound that is the master of this domain. Everything the Duke does is out of sight and through its vast silent underground subterranean network that remains out of our vision and awareness. All the little towers the man had seen and the hollow ground he stood upon lead back towards this powerful natural structure. It showed them both that all the heavy lifting and work is done by the smallest of beings collaboratively and undercover with little fanfare. Nothing is as it seems in this world and what is seen from the surface is not the full picture. The whole landscape they walked upon was not what it seemed. As they circled the Duke they realised that true power lies beneath the facade and is embedded deep within all life. Once we shine a light into that space only then could they truly bring life into the light. With this awareness sinking deep within them they both stood there feeling grateful to be given such insights into the world they currently find themselves in.

Dusk over the Duke
The Duke of Litchfield towering over the landscape

After some time standing there they turned hand in hand and started to walk towards where they felt the homestead was. With the night in full flight by now they had to rely on their inner light and knowing to guide them back to the homestead. With the forest, howling dogs and the Duke of Litchfield behind them and the gentle glow of the homestead lights beaconing them they stumbled through the dark and wondered what else this night would bring to them. They came to the gate by the rusty fence and found it unlocked and opened. They passed through it into the caged landscape and it looked nothing like it did earlier that day. Slowly and carefully they walked on and could hear frogs croaking and laughing loudly by the homestead. The female knew frog language and deciphered that they were inviting the two of them to meet the King and Queen of Froglandia. They weren’t sure they were dressed appropriately for such a royal meeting. After all they had both lost their pants and neither knew where they were. As they got closer they were assured by all the bats flying around that the frog King and Queen didn’t wear pants either so it was proper etiquette to have no pants on.

They arrived at the royal tank of the King and Queen frogs to find the King only was present, they were however treated to a delightful rendition of the Green Tree Frog call. After this glorious moment they retired to the tea room to sit and share more of their stories of the forest adventure. Dil-Mah appeared and presented them with the finest green tea in glorious vessels and draped them both in sheets of the finest cotton that they wore as Roman style Togas. They were also served chips and dip in buckets from India where they laid back to watch the night sky ignite into a flash of light and colours that was as spectacular as they had ever seen. They both relaxed and cajoled each other to share their stories of life and love. Both had come to realise through the events of the day and through their conversations they had received answers to the questions each had asked earlier of themselves and their world. And as they became aware of their oneness and that there is no separation it was fitting that both had asked the same question……........................................

“Show me what I Need to see”

The answer was as simple as the question…................................................................................

“Bring Light to Life and Life to Light”.

After what seemed like an eternity of tea and conversation and with a bountiful cache of awarenesses they slipped off quietly to their room, passing Grandma who was still fast asleep the corner of the kitchen. They snuggled together as lovers do and drifted in and out of conscious sleep. Their world would never be seen the same way again, because once something is seen it can no longer remain unseen.


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