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Your Point of View Creates your Reality

Step off into the unkown and know the place like you've been here before, because you have!
The Edge of the World

Life really does shift and change quite literally. Four months whizzes past and you wonder who you were and where you are and look around and ask , “what the bloody hell is going on?” Right now if you haven’t been paying attention , A GAME CHANGING MOMENT is upon us IN ALL OUR LIVES, (then again isn’t every moment a game changer?) How you view the world and your place in it right now is going to create the reality you choose to exist in or thrive in. Perception becomes everything and how you perceive this moment is where the truth you know to be possible is sitting, waiting for you to open the door and allow it to walk in.

Right now in this country that we’ve been told is called Australia, is being governed by fools and crooks that have blindly led us down a path of a dystopian lockdown and its measure of wealth (economy) has been ground into the abyss for the average punter. Every freedom we have ever known is being removed piece by piece in the name of protecting us from the evils of death, or the illusionary enemy that lurks in every corner, albeit an invisible entity. If you believe the mass produced media that panders to its commonwealth masters, we are all doomed to death instantly because of this Plandemic that has been created. This is where your point of view becomes relevant.

I can remember the eighties, I was a teenager and we had the Aids epidemic that was going to kill us all. There was also the Cold war before that, and the threat of the Commies coming from the north for us all. Then there was the Y2K bug and swine flu, bird flu, flu of any name, they all spread one thing. FEAR! When you live with fear all around you, consuming your waking moments you create more fear. Those who can remember those times and are reading this , well you survived. And so the cycle continues as it has done for eons that man has been on this planet. There is always something that’s going to take something from us and what is it that man fears most….his own annihilation! Why? I believe, that we are so attached to this material reality and its intoxicating addictions that we forget who we really are. We become lost in the reflection and like good addicts we come back for more and more never wanting to let go. The chase that drip feeds us more of what we crave. To get that natural hit called pleasure. We will do anything for it whether it's positive or negative.

Murky waters always cover the hidden gems
The journey starts solid enters murky waters and becomes crystal clear

Nothing in life is certain. Look around you everything is impermanent even nature is impermanent although its timelines are different and seen only through our perception of time and space. Death isn’t final nor is the state of this world, it is always ebbing and flowing. As is the physical self, the person I wake up with everyday is not the same person I woke up with as a child, teenager or 30year old. I wake up in a similar body and location but to say its the same is rejecting the beauty of life and of who we truly are in this moment. Everyday we awaken new and fresh and get another shot at this reality. By night before we lay down to sleep ponder the question. Are we the same person or did we uncover something new about ourselves? Is there ever a guarantee that we last a whole day let alone 75 years? I haven’t received one. How you choose to view your world will give you some clues. You are your own author of this ride called life, as we all are. However is it not a totally individualistic journey? The people around you the society that rises from your choices are all part of that ride. So the question is, How do you want to create the world you thrive in? What does it look like? And who gets to be a part of it?

This juncture we find ourselves in isn’t a pandemic in any form. It is a world presented with a choice. To step into the unknown and place one foot into the void takes great courage and it sometimes feels as if we are all waiting for the right moment or someone to show up and guide us. Well have a look around at who we taken our guidance from and see where we are as a species. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Individuals have the power, collectively to step courageously into the void and fill that space with the purity of love. Love has the power to move people, to lift your spirit, to enable you to become the greatest version of yourself, reflected back to you by the world around you. Whatever your beliefs are will create our world. When you let go of rigidity and embrace fluidity. You allow the energetic wave of unconditional love to flow through you like a gentle incoming tide. You begin to feel the embrace of our natural order. Don’t follow the leader, become the leader! Take back your power and trust in yourself, as you do have all the answers within.

The sun will rise again how we view the day will create our reality
Sunsets are truly blissful

You are the change you have been waiting for. Change your point of view and completely change this world.

Join us to bring about an end to this madness and mayhem that has maintained the separation of this world. Meditate for global peace and abundance to all beings. We all deserve a 20 minute quiet space to generate the required frequency to fill the void with love and kindness so that we may step forward and can change the world for the better, one deep cleansing breath at a time.


What else is possible here that we never thought was possible?

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